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Raymond O. Lim

Aspiring Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering




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A Bit About Me

I am recent graduate from Boston University, with a background in Mechanical Engineering, a concentration in Manufacturing Engineering and a minor in Computer Engineering. Throughout my academic journey, I excelled in various mechanical engineering courses, gaining a comprehensive understanding of subjects such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and materials science. I actively engaged in hands-on projects and research, allowing me to develop a practical approach to problem-solving and a keen eye for innovation.


Additionally, my coursework provided me with a solid grasp of CAD/CAM tools, which I utilized to design and optimize mechanical systems. As a curious and adaptable individual, I eagerly embraced internships and extracurricular activities, where I honed my teamwork and communication skills while working on collaborative projects. My desire to make a positive impact on society through engineering drives me to seek opportunities where I can contribute my knowledge and creativity to develop innovative solutions for diverse engineering challenges. I am now enthusiastic about leveraging my academic achievements and technical expertise as I embark on a fulfilling career in the field of mechanical engineering.

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