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This practical design is meant to hold a students designated BU key while also providing the students with a sanitary method to interact with everyday objects around them. Students have a responsibility to keep track of their keys, because if lost the school will charge up to a hundred dollars to replace the key and the lock. With the Kase any student will be able to safely store their two BU keys. The second feature of the Kase is the contactless use to push buttons. This feature will create an incentive for students to be more aware of how they interact with their surroundings. Especially on campus, where students will constantly be moving from class to class and building to building.

In order to meet both requirements from each feature we decided that our product should meet a couple specifications. First, it must be able to store a BU key without issue. The key must be easily accessible, for students trying to enter their room quickly. Second, it must provide the user with a method to interact with their surroundings. The contactless feature we would like to incorporate is a hook. This hook will be used to open doors or anything with a handle. 

We went through a few initial designs but in the end they all had the same purpose. They needed to store the keys and provide a safe interactive option. Our approach will provide those two options. Our design has to be thick enough to house the key sideways . Since the case will be hollow in the middle the pins in our original design that hold the lid in place will need to be thicker to ensure it stays in place. This product was designed to be as efficient as possible when it comes to personal and health safety.

Throughout this project, we utilized Onshape and GibbsCAM as CAD and CAM software respectively.

Project Presentation Slide

GibbsCAM CNC Milling Simulation Videos

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